About Us

About Us

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, BioFund was established in 2015 by Dr. Kris Siemionow, MD, PhD a surgeon and the founder of multiple commercial stage medical companies and by a pioneer in Data Mining and Big Data Learning – Paul Lewicki PhD – the founder of StatSoft and STATISTICA. BioFund originated from the recognition that there is a significant underutilization of technology solutions in medicine, compounded by the limited access to advanced medical care worldwide. This issue is particularly acute in regions where entire countries lack adequate medical specialists, resulting in a stark contrast with the medical capabilities available in the US and Europe.

The current state of affairs often leads to dire consequences, with patients facing mortality due to the absence of advanced treatments. BioFund aims to address this global imbalance by leveraging advances in technology. The key focus is on not only enhancing the standards of medical care but also enabling the administration of advanced procedures and services remotely through autonomous solutions.

Historically, the healthcare sector has been slower in adopting advanced technology compared to other industries. BioFund’s mission is to contribute to changing this trend, taking advantage of the evolving regulatory landscape. Drawing on our extensive expertise in cutting-edge AI, advanced technologies, and therapies, we aim to significantly expedite progress in medicine, spanning from cell therapy, robotics, autonomous laboratory solutions to computer-brain interfaces. Our overarching goal is to democratize access to advanced medical procedures, thereby improving healthcare accessibility globally and contributing to a better world.

Paul Lewicki


Paul Lewicki is a cognitive scientist, an entrepreneur, and investor. He was a professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Tulsa from 1984 through 2009, where he established the Nonconscious Information Processing Laboratory, using multiple research grants from the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health. 

He was among the first to publish evidence that the advanced expertise acquired by humans from experience, involves multivariate and highly-interactive patterns in data, which are much more complex than what humans are able to consciously articulate or even transfer/communicate. This approach became popular and quickly adopted by the corporate world as so-called “predictive data mining” – making computers derive from Big Data more complex patterns than humans can understand and then use these patterns to make new predictions. Dr. Lewicki started StatSoft, a company that pioneered commercial applications of data mining. StatSoft rapidly became a large developer of data mining solutions for all industries with offices in 30 countries, and over 1 million accounts, where he was a CEO and the main shareholder. StatSoft was sold to Dell in 2014.

As a cognitive scientist, Dr. Lewicki continues to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that make computers smarter. As a businessman, Dr. Lewicki invests in (and helps develop) companies that strive to “make a difference” by using AI to promote the general welfare by accelerating technological progress, especially in the area of medicine, that has been traditionally slower in adopting artificial intelligence.

Kris Siemionow


Kris Siemionow is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon and an entrepreneur, who founded and co-founded multiple medical companies, that utilize advanced technology to improve clinical outcomes. Dr. Siemionow completed residency at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in orthopedic surgery and a spine surgery fellowship at Rush University Medical Center. His PhD focused on the effects of inflammation on nerve cell function. Dr. Siemionow is co-founder of Global Spine Outreach a non-for profit organization whose mission is to “save children with severe spinal deformities”.

He co-founded Holo Surgical Inc (acquired), a digital surgery company that developed an artificial intelligence-based surgical guidance system, which is currently in clinical use. He also co-founded Inteneural Networks Inc (acquired), a company that utilizes machine learning to diagnose neurodegenerative disorders. He also co-founded Kardiolytics Inc, a company that utilizes machine learning to perform a virtual coronary stress test.

Dr. Siemionow has authored over 100 peer reviewed articles, abstracts, and book chapters pertaining to surgery and basic science research. He holds 50 patents and patent applications, which have been successfully commercialized.

Dr. Siemionow is currently board member at Medicalgorithmics (WSE: MDG), and board member of Dystrogen Therapeutics, Kardiobot, DGT, and Biometryks.