Dystrogen Gene Therapies

Dystrogen Gene Therapies is a life sciences company focused on the development of therapies for rare genetic neurodegenerative disorders. Our currently most advanced therapeutic candidate is for Huntington’s Disease (HD) and has produced a series of highly promising pre-clinical data.

Dystrogen Therapeutics

Dystrogen Therapeutics is a clinical-stage chimeric cell therapy company focusing on rare diseases. The company is currently testing in humans the Dystrophic Expressing Chimeric (DEC) cell therapy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – a terminal illness that affects young boys and lead the gradually worsening dysfunction of the muscular system.


Kardiolytics has the goal to make advanced, highly accurate diagnostics of the heart – inexpensive and widely available, including the parts of the world that currently have limited access to advanced medical diagnostics.  The Kardiolytics technology uses Artificial Intelligence to derive from inexpensive and widely available CT scans of the heart – crucial diagnostic information about narrowing of blood vessels, that normally can be obtained only by applying complex, expensive, and highly invasive procedures that involve inserting probes into the heart.

Inteneural Networks

Inteneural Networks has developed cutting-edge, AI- and Machine Learning based medical applications that help in brain diagnosis and produce in minutes what would take experienced neuroradiologists hours or days of work.  These applications can detect even hard to identify potential problems that are likely to be missed by human doctors.  INN can revolutionize the field of neuroscience and lead to improved patient outcomes.

Holo Surgical

Holo Surgical Inc. is a company focused on computer-assisted surgery, that has developed an FDA-certified, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality based surgery guidance system, that helps doctors (and later robots) perform medical procedures more precisely, safer, and faster.


Medicalgorithmics (MDG) is a medical technology company focusing on cardiology. The company has a number of AI based, FDA cleared software algorithms and medical devices. As of 2022, the company performed 170,000 annual cardiac tests worldwide. Biofund is the major owner of MDG, which is publicly traded.